Just when you think you’ve tasted all the milk tea variants one can concoct, here comes a new player in the local scene to get you back into the craze. Flavored pearls, freshly made right in front of you. Now, this is definitely worth checking out.

About One Zo

One Zo is a fairly young drink brand with Taiwan roots dating back to 2015. This country is known for its milk teas, and is already saturated with so many milk tea kiosks and cafes opening left and right. The founder, Mr. Chen Youg-Hui, was inspired to produce the freshest ingredients for his milk teas. This lead to numerous attempts in learning how to make pearls in-house everyday.

He also took it a notch up by injecting flavors in the pearls. Fresh pearls are made right in front of you, kneading non-stop and cooking them before your eyes. “The process is quite similar to producing a dough when baking bread. Different ingredients are put into a commercial mixer. Once the tapioca dough is produced, hands are used to beat down the dough to create the perfect texture and shape. After this delicate process is accomplished, the dough is placed into a special machine that will cut it into round-shaped pearls,” explained Christopher Chua, General Manager of One Zo Philippines. This lead to the name of the brand, One Zo, which means “playing with balls of dough” in Mandarin.

Barely four years in and they have made quite a mark in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. No one can resist these soft, chewy and flavored pearls that even online media company Insider featured One Zo in one of their videos.

Arrival of its drinks and fresh pearls

The great news is, it’s now in the Philippines! Like its home base in Taiwan, Manila is filled with many milk tea brands. The local distributor shares the same sentiments of a saturated market, but they believed One Zo will change the milk tea landscape here in the country.

“One Zo was brought in to the Philippines primarily to offer Filipino consumers a unique choice in the milk tea market. With so many milk tea brands entering the Philippine market, it seems that there is no differentiation or innovation anymore among milk tea brands. Only One Zo chose to be unique by bringing in a strong beverage lineup and producing handmade flavoured pearls in-store everyday. The cost associated with this innovation may be more expensive, but One Zo is determined to offer only the best to Filipino consumers. Say no more to bland tasting milk teas with undercooked pearls,” added Christopher.

Local recommendations

One Zo offerings are different in every country, and its local distributor thought long and hard as to what should go in their menu. Handmade pearls come in flavors of their classic Brown Sugar, Taro, Matcha (green tea), Strawberry, and Mango. “Expect more varieties of flavored pearls tailor suited to the preferences of the Filipinos,” revealed Christopher. This way, you get to mix and match tea drinks with the flavored pearls. Surprise yourself with a different combination every visit!

For those who can’t decide what drink to get, try their recommendations of 3-in-1 (One Zo Milk Tea + 3 kinds of Pearls), Dirty Milk (Brown Sugar + Milk + Brown Sugar Pearls), Dirty Tea (Brown Sugar + Milk + Tea + Brown Sugar Pearls), Taro Delight (Taro Milk Tea + Taro Pearls), It’s a Match (Matcha Latte + Matcha Pearls), and One Zo Fruit Tea (with fresh fruits). There are so many to choose from, all of which are their bestsellers. Prices range between P75 to P150.

With its unique propositions of making the freshest ingredients of handmade flavored pearls that are chemical-free (hence, the short shelf-life), fresh milk and fruits, one is rest assured of the highest quality of tea drinks. “This fresh approach enables One Zo to rise above the competition by offering a great tasting drink with the chewiest pearls,” Christopher ended.

Location: One Zo, Ground Floor, Greenhills Promenade, San Juan. Facebook: OneZoPH. Instagram: @onezo_ph

Soon to open: 2nd Floor, Estancia Expansion Wing; and Upper Ground Cyberpark 2 Araneta Center.

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